Internal Audit Taskforce

"Seeing the wood for the trees"

Supply Chain Audit

Supply chain audits have become a particular specialization of IAT. The ability of a business to service its customers’ and clients’ will often depend on the reliability and performance of its supply chain. The risks posed by suppliers and sub-contractors are many but include;

  • Business failure or history of previous failure
  • Workforce not given appropriate skills or training
  • Work being passed to unsuitable sub-contractors
  • Poor Health & Safety record
  • Overstretched order book and insufficient capacity
  • Pricing and Costing Errors
  • Bad reputation as a result of delays or poor workmanship
  • Failure to complete remedial works
  • Inadequate third party insurance cover

By carrying out a review of their key suppliers, IAT can work with clients to ensure that they minimise the risks. Our ability to deliver is dependent on the right of audit under the supply agreement - this is something that clients should not overlook at contract negotiation stage.