Internal Audit Taskforce

"Seeing the wood for the trees"

Fraud Investigation and Fraud Awareness

Our focal point for this activity is Bob Moffatt a retired Detective Chief Superintendent with the Metropolitan Police. Bob has had many years of experience in fraud investigation and in delivering training to fraud investigators; private sector organizations are now benefiting directly from his expertise.

Businesses can no longer rely on police fraud divisions alone for a response to possible fraud cases. The harsh reality is that the police are generally starved of resources and are particularly short of the specialist skills needed to deal with this type of crime. Their response to this is to concentrate their resources on the investigation of crimes against the individual, with the expectation that businesses will fund their own fraud investigations through recourse to private specialists, such as ourselves. Once the vital groundwork for an investigation has been undertaken by a business, and a viable case has been established, the police are often seen to take up the reins of a case which they would otherwise have rejected.

The varied profile of Internal Audit Taskforce’s specialists enables a professional investigator such as Bob Moffatt to team up with a finance expert who has exactly the right background for the case in question, whether a forensic accountant or a senior finance executive with specialist knowledge of the sector or industry involved.

Fraud now threatens businesses in many ways; the global recession drives desperate individuals to economic crime as a way of escape from their problems, IT resources enable imaginative fund transfer frauds to be perpetrated, and the Proceeds of Crime Act, 2002, raises the spectre of an otherwise law-abiding business being prosecuted for the actions of a money launderer whose funds they have had the misfortune to receive. Our tailor made fraud awareness workshops help the management and staff of businesses by alerting them to the risks and highlighting the controls and procedures needed to protect against them.